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Qingdao Relyde Electric Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of sootblower .Since 1996 Relyde has been engaging in the design and manufacture of all types sootblowers, holds the high quality assurance system and certification of ISO 9001. Relyde can provide sootblowers and complete systems with optimum performance , reliable quality and easy maintenance for boilers and heat transfer equipment .

Relyde can provide the main products: Long retractable sootblower, Semi retractable sootblower, Rake retractable sootblower, Furance sootblower, Fixed rotary sootblower and Electric control system . In addition ,there are many sootblower accessories such as Lance tube , Inner tube, Spring poppet valve, Gearbox, Travelingbox , Packing, Limitswitch ,and so on.

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